Since 1949, the Sailor Circus has impacted generations in Sarasota.

The Circus Arts Conservatory is the nation’s only nonprofit organization that uses circus arts to inspire community service, training programs for all ages and professional circus performances. Trident partnered with Tandem Construction to help complete a 12-month, 4.35 million dollar renovation on the Circus Arts Conservatory. This renovation included adding air conditioning, new lighting, improved restrooms, and new seating. We added a structure to the west end of the facility to accommodate the newly added air conditioning. We also reinforced the tent structure to support the hanging equipment. With these new updates, the arena will be open for health and fitness activities for seniors, children and teens, and those who face cognitive and developmental challenges. They also hope to host schools, businesses and
organizations for year-round events.

Trident used 44,469lbs of steel to complete this project.