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Why buy a Trident building?

4/16/2012 11:37AM in Blog

Functional yet attractive, our solutions integrate structural framing, roof and exterior wall systems that are computer-designed and factory fabricated to reduce on-site labor demands and create greater cost efficiecies for you. Your building comes into our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility as raw material and comes out a complete system, ready for job site assembly.

With Trident, saving you time and money while delivering a consistent quality product is standard, not optional. We deliver a complete building system that is erector-friendly to make sure your building goes up as smoothly and efficiently as its components were fabricated, often in two-thirds the time of other types of construction, thus expediting both your project completion and ROI.

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Pre-engineering saves planning, design, fabrication, and construction time. Future expansions are fast and economical by removing walls, erecting frame work, and adding panels or cladding.

Studies show that metal building systems can save you up to 30% in construction cost, 20-30% in annual utilities cost, minimized maintenance costs with longer life cycles, delivering greater short and long-term value to you.