Cypress Creek Iceplex Transforms into Florida Hospital Center Ice!

4/13/2017 2:37PM in Blog

Florida Hospital Center Ice is a job that Trident knows best as Cypress Creek Iceplex. The building is located in Wesley Chapel, FL. Cypress Creek is home to the largest hockey complex in the southeast United States. There are a total of five ice rinks! Four rinks are full-sized and there is even a kid-sized rink! Hockey players from across the country can join Tampa Bay players to test their skills. World-class figure skaters can utilize the rinks to practice their performances! The rinks are open to the public and lessons are optional. You can rent a private room for birthday parties and corporate meetings.
Trident saved this customer over $100,000 by using TBS high efficiency roof panels. King span insulated walls help to keep the ice at a desirable temperature. 300 tons of steel were fabricated to complete this project. The building is 138,000 square feet and the floor is 261’ x 338’ with a mezzanine! Florida Hospital Center Ice opened to the public on January 26th, 2017!


More photos coming soon!